Indispensable for the sewer specialist

Sewer cleaning accessories

In addition to machines, we also have many other tools that are indispensable for you as a sewer specialist if you are going to be unblocking or cleaning. For example:

  • Spray nozzles
  • High-pressure sewer hoses
  • Spray guns and accessories
  • Lifters, manhole levers and pit shovels
  • Sewer pipe plugs
  • Hi-Vac suction hoses

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Spray nozzles

ROM has the right spray nozzle for every type of cleaning machine and application. ROM has the solution for all types of dirt. Whether you're talking about problems concerning fat/grease, soap, sand, tree roots, rust, limescale or cement problems.

You can do your cleaning better and faster with the right spray nozzle in the pipe. But there's more. Lower fuel consumption, lower water consumption, lower labour costs, less wear on equipment and less disturbance to the environment.

Do you have any questions about our spray nozzles, or would you like to receive the special catalogue? Please contact our spray nozzle experts.

High-pressure sewer cleaning hoses

High-pressure sewer cleaning hoses for a sewer machine are like getting good tyres for your car. They ensure optimum cleaning results.

The benefits of a ROM sewer cleaning hose:

  • Long service life thanks to a wear-resistant, smooth outer jacket
  • Flexible and kink resistant (ideal for bends)
  • Lightweight and minimal sliding resistance, which means hose can enter the sewer faster and get further. Therefore, you will also save on water use and fuel consumption
  • Delivery including mounted couplings
  • Industrial quality at a competitive price

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Spray lances and accessories

Spray lances and spray guns are ideal for spraying and cleaning of various surfaces. ROM has a choice of different spray guns. View the video of our spray lances or order the spray guns directly from our webshop.

Lifters, manhole levers and pit shovels

Pit shovels are ideal for the easy emptying of clogged pits and cesspits.

For the quick and easy opening of manhole covers, ROM has a wide range of lifters and manhole levers. You can choose from various versions, including:

  • Standard manhole lifters; for occasionally opening manhole covers.
  • DWR/ROM manhole lifters; for opening manhole covers using the ARBO quick system.
  • Titan Alu manhole cover lifter; for opening stuck manhole covers using ARBO.

View the video of our lifters and manhole levers. Order pit shovels and lifters directly? Please contact our specialists.

Sewer pipe plugs

ROM is the official dealer of Vetter sewer pipe plugs. Vetter sewer pipe plugs are top quality inflatable pipe stoppers. The “sewer pipe plug balloons” are available in various sizes to seal pipes from 25 mm up to 2000 mm.

For more information about the Vetter sewer pipe plugs and accessories, contact us.

Hi-Vac suction hoses

Hi-Vac suction hoses are the most robust, flexible suction hoses in the world. This suction hose is versatile in use, for example, as a suction hose for dry or liquid substances. The hose is specially used for suction work, including the emptying of septic tanks and mobile toilets. If you want quality, choose Hi-Vac.


  • Long service life thanks to high load capacity and flexibility
  • Extremely robust
  • 100% vacuum
  • Pressure and kink resistant (also in the event of a very small radius)
  • Resistant to weather
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth inner wall for improved pump efficiency
  • Equipped with spiral-free sleeves on both ends
  • Many standard lengths in stock
  • Specific lengths on request

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Other sewer accessories

Our website only contains a selection of our sewer accessories.

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