Portable toilet servicing

Quickly empty and clean portable toilets, mobile toilets and pee columns? With us you will find a wide range of portable toilet servicing machines for portable toilet cleaning. Portable toilet units that you can easily place on a trailer or open body of a vehicle, for example. Prefer a portable toilet servicing machine fixed on the chassis of a truck? That too is possible.

With our portable toilet servicing machines you can count on proven performance. We are the world's largest in toilet service units and offer proven quality based on over 40 years of experience. Our toilet service machines are used daily to full satisfaction by thousands of users worldwide. Our portable toilet cleaning machines are easy to use (no costly training required). With ROM toilet service machines you can work comfortably and healthily thanks to ergonomics (optimum working heights, correct positioning of controls, etc.). Working with a ROM increases labor productivity and reduces the risk of injuries and absenteeism due to illness. A burden reduction for you, literally and figuratively.

With a ROM portable toilet service unit you have a shorter working time, so you are ready sooner. Cleaning more machines per day means more profit. With a ROM you benefit from a fast payback time, lightweight construction for maximum tank capacity and a compact construction for maximum payload and storage space.

A ROM toilet service machine has a long lifespan (including galvanized tank and frame). Our mobile toilet service units are 100% made in our own factory, using only premium A-brand components). A ROM is characterized by maximum reliability, various safety features (CE-mark) and safe driving thanks to optimal weight distribution.

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