Jet Vac Combi units

Compact, lightweight and maximum reliability. This characterises our Jet Vac Combi units. With the Jet Vac Combi units you benefit optimally from the tried and trusted ROM high pressure technology, combined with our years of experience in the field of vacuum machines. The vacuum unit lets you suction grease traps, septic tanks, gullies and flooded cellars. The high pressure unit is suitable for unblocking and cleaning house connections and the main sewer system.

Within our Jet Vac Combi units line you can choose between several types including the SmartCombi (appropriate from 3,5 tonnes chassis) and the SmartCombi PRO (appropriate from 6 chassis).

The Jet Vac Combi units can be mounted onto a chassis, tandem axel trailer or flatbed. The vacuum system can be fitted with a conventional vacuum pump, a unique thrust jetter or extra powerful water ring pump.

Applications for which these Jet Vac Combi units are used: Emptying of grease traps & septic tank cleaning | Emptying surface water drains & pit cleaning | Calamity approach with severe flooding.

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