Detection equipment

Locating problems in underground pipes

If you encounter a problem, such as a blockage or breakage, during the inspection of a drain pipe or sewer system, you can quickly find out the exact location of the problem with RIDGID locating equipment.


The RIDGID locating equipment provides the exact location data about the location of the camera head with transmitter of your inspection camera. Quick as a flash, you can find the exact position of leaks or blockages in pipes and lines. This helps prevent unnecessary digging and/or breaking. In addition to the position, you can also find out how deep the pipe is.


sewer camera and detection equipment 3
sewer camera and detection equipment 4

Locating utility pipes

With our location trackers and transmitters, you can quickly find and map underground utilities. Electricity lines, gas pipes and telecom lines can be located easily and accurately.


With RIDGID SeekTech pipe and line locators, you can work according to the “careful digging” guideline. This prevents damage to cables and pipes due to excavation work.

Testing and measuring

In addition to inspecting and locating pipes, various useful test and measuring devices are also available. Laser range finder, gas detector, multimeter, clamp meter, temperature and humidity meter and more ...

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sewer camera and detection equipment 6

Locate leaks quickly & without the need for breakage

The ROM eSTEAM smoke generator is a portable and mobile sewer smoke machine with which you can easily locate leaks in pipes, tanks and roofs, monitor the course of a sewer system, and quickly solve odour problems without digging or demolition works.

Smoke Generator