Diagnosis, inspection and locating

Sewer camera and detection equipment

sewer camera and detection equipment

RIDGID sewer cameras and locating equipment and other diverse ROM detection systems help you locate problems underground where no one else can. Inspection systems, localisation equipment, pipe and line locators, smoke machines and more ... ROM has it all.


The applications of our sewer cameras and detection systems:

  • Inspection of sewers, drain pipes and more
  • Inspection of tight spaces, such as ceilings
  • Locating problems in underground pipes
  • Determining the exact position of leaks or blockages in pipes
  • Quick and accurate locating of electricity lines
  • Quick and easy location of odour problems and leaks in pipes
  • Locating cracks and holes in drain pipes, sewers, septic tanks, etc. (without digging or demolition works)
  • Locating illegal connections to municipal sewers
  • Checking dry sprinkler pipes, air flows in ventilation/air treatment ducts and vents
  • Checking the air-tightness of chimneys, roofs, etc.

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Inspecting drain pipes and sewers

Would you like to inspect drain pipes and sewers? Or would you like to quickly identify problems in pipes, chimneys, pits and siphons? With RIDIGD inspection cameras, you can inspect pipes from a diameter of Ø15 mm up to a maximum of Ø300 mm.


Perfect image quality, optimum ease of use, and extremely strong materials are some of the characteristics of the RIDGID cameras for the inspection of drain pipes and sewers. Depending on the application, you can choose from various camera reels and monitors.

sewer camera and detection equipment 1
sewer camera and detection equipment 2

Inspecting hard-to-reach areas

With the Hand-held video inspection systems from RIDGID, you can easily inspect hard-to-reach spaces. Even dark spaces are no problem thanks to the bright LED lighting.


Various designs are available depending on your requirements. Versions with which you can carry out inspections, and versions that are equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi. This allows you to stream your inspection to a second screen and listen to audio via a bluetooth headset. You can also save videos and photos on an SD card, or share them directly via email.

Sewer cameras