Ideal for vacuuming dry or liquid substances

Hi-Vac suction hoses

rom hi vac suction hoses

Do you want to quickly empty mobile toilets, grease traps, septic tanks or flooded basements? Then use our Hi-Vac suction hose in combination with your vacuum truck or toilet service unit. Our Hi-Vac suction hose is specially designed for suction work and is a top-quality item. Our suction hose is also attractively priced as standard.

Our Hi-Vac suction hose is versatile in use. This means you can use the hose for both dry and liquid substances. Stones, sand, water, faeces and more. Our Hi-Vac suction hose can handle it all.

Our top quality Hi-Vac suction hose is available in the following lengths and can easily be ordered in our webshop. Order today for delivery tomorrow.

 9.15 m
 12.15 m
 15.20 m
 18.30 m

Advantages of ROM Hi-Vac suction hoses

 Long service life thanks to high load capacity and flexibility
 Extremely robust
 100% vacuum
 Pressure and kink resistant (also for very small radii)
 Resistant to weather
 Smooth inner wall for improved pump efficiency
 Equipped with spiral-free sleeves on both ends

hi-vac suction hose

Quickly empty portable toilets with our Hi-Vac suction hose

hi-vac suction hose

Our Hi-Vac hose is vandal-proof and lasts a long time

Hi-Vac hose suction hose

Our suction hose is also suitable for your vacuum truck

Hi-Vac hose suction hose

Ideal for vacuuming water, dirt and other debris quickly from man-holes and cesspits.