Easily detect leakages in pipes, tanks and roofs and quickly solve stench problems without excavation and demolition work

ROM eSTEAM Smoke Generator

The ROM eSTEAM is suitable for professional use and multifunctional deployment. By virtue of high quality technology you always have the optimal smoke quantity and density for the perfect inspection. The amount of smoke is very finely adjustable and therefore tailored to any situation.

Some applications:
 Locate tears and holes in the main sewer system, in smaller indoor pipes (siphons, drain pipes etc.), and in septic tanks and more...
 Obtain information about the sewer pipe’s course
 Detect illegal connections to municipal sewer
 Monitor dry sprinkler lines, air flows in ventilation / air ducts and vents
 Check the sealing of chimneys, roofs etc.

The eSTEAM in short

 Portable and movable smoke machine
 Can be used for many purposes
 Suitable for any type of sewer pipe or supply and discharge channel
 Economical and easy to use
 Advanced technology ensures dense, constant and ´dry´smoke

Smart Technology

The smoke machine always generates high-quality, dense, constant and ´dry´ smoke thanks to advanced technology. The heat exchanger´s unique temperature control ensures that the generated smoke is of a constant high quality.

Smart digital control electronics closely monitors the smoke fluid´s evaporation process and adjusts when necessary. The result? The smoke liquid is always at the right temperature and continuously generates smoke without burnt particles or droplets. You always have the optimal amount of smoke and density for the perfect inspection.

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You can get started right away


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The eSTEAM smoke machine is very easy to use. You can work faster, thanks to the very short warm-up time and an automated start-up shutdown procedure (also prevents damage to your device due to incorrect shutdown). So you don't have to wait unnecessarily long for each job. Furthermore, the smoke generator is equipped with many conveniences, such as a user-friendly control panel with a clear OLED display, which is even easy to read in bright sunlight.

With the control glass you can always see the smoke production; ideal when the end of the hose is not visible. And the continuously adjustable electric fan makes it possible to adjust the smoke quantity very finely and therefore adapt it to every situation.

Convenient integrated liquid tank

 Spacious liquid tank (2,6 litres) prevents unnecessary replenishment
 Semi-transparent tank in which the liquid level is visible
 Integrated liquid tank prevents damage during transport

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Piece of cake

Easy to carry and store

rookmachine 1

The portable and mobile smoke generator has a handy handle at an ergonomic height. No more lifting is necessary! Thanks to the robust rubber wheels, you can easily walk up the stairs.

Reliable and durable

 Developed on the basis of more than 35 years of experience
 Very robust exterior and interior work
 Housing is made of impact resistant PE plastic
 The smoke liquid reservoir, the hose and the power cord are integrated in the design preventing damage
 Smoke does not come into contact with fan, which prolongs the fan’s life span
 Extensively tested in numerous demanding environments. The device functions in heat and in cold and shows its reliability every day
 Complies with the RIONED (Netherlands) and VLARIO (Flanders) guidelines for Belgian inspectors
 IP44 Protection class

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Easy to transport

Quick and easy to transport thanks to rubber transport wheels

rookmachine 15

Robust rubber wheels

Large, robust rubber wheels drive easily over bumps and stairs

smoke generator 13

Easy loading

Rubber wheels are also perfect for loading the device into your car in an ergonomic and simple manner

smoke generator 14

Also store horizontally

Thanks to rubber feet you can also store the machine horizontally without leaking

smoke generator 10

Smart cord winding

Handy integrated storage space for 230V power cord (length 4 metres)

smoke generator 11

Secure the hose

No more hinderance because of dangling hose

Very pleasant

Safe & service friendly

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Smoke generator requires hardly any maintenance
Unit has a smart 'error indication signal' so that any problems with the device can be resolved quickly
12A Fast fuse protects your electrical installation against (irreparable) damage due to excessive current. Very safe
Temperature limitation; overheating protection
Detachable hose is easy to clean
CE mark; product meets the requirements of safety, health, environment and consumer protection, as stated in EU directives

Very economical in consumption

 The combination of a unique liquid composition and advanced eSTEAM technology provides extremely low fluid consumption
 “Maximum smoke volume, minimal fluid consumption” (62.500 m3/l)
 Pulse system provides a good economic supply of smoke liquid
 Ability to determine the amount of smoke needed yourself
 The smoke generator is not placed in the airflow, avoiding unnecessary
power consumption
 ROM Smoke liquid can be stored for years in closed packaging

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Delivers demonstrably better results

ROM Smoke Liquid

rookmachine 23

Special ROM smoke machine fluid delivers demonstrably better results and extends the lifespan of your unit. Other liquids can cause serious damage to the device and leave dirty marks in the area where you are inspecting. To make a claim under the warranty, you must always use the ROM smoke machine fluid specially developed for this purpose

The difference with traditional smoke generators

Traditional smoke generators

 Lower purchase price compared to professional smoke generators that are specially designed for inspection of (sewer) pipes etc.
 No constant smoke quantity and density due to temperature fluctuations of the heat exchanger (makes a good pipe inspection and leak detection very difficult)
 Over temperature causes burnt particles that are harmful to your and
your customer’s health
 Too low temperature causes the emission of unvaporised smoke liquid with droplets leaving traces at your customer
 Due to the long warm-up time you have to wait unnecessarily, resulting in higher labour costs
 No powerful fan to spread smoke quickly through a pipe

ROM eSteam smoke generator

 Smarter investment compared to traditional smoke generators
 Faster return on investment because the unit is efficient and effective in both use and consumption
 The unit consumes little smoke liquid which results in considerable annual savings
 Work faster and therefore lower labour costs because you always have a constant, high-quality and dense smoke
 Multifunctional; the amount of smoke can be very finely tuned and therefore can be adjusted to any situation. More smoke for the main sewer system and less smoke for smaller indoor pipes
 Advanced control electronics ensures an optimal temperature which prevents the emission of burnt (unhealthy) particles and droplets in the area that is inspected
 Quickly set to work thanks to automated start up procedure
 Powerful fan blows smoke swift and fast through a pipe
 The high density smoke, in combination with the powerful fan, make it possible to get through almost all soil types. Leakages under the ground are easy to detect
 Reliable technique based on over 35 years of experience
 Requires little maintenance

You can get started right away

Standardly equipped with all functions

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ROM eSTEAM Smoke Machine, including all advanced functions
Extra long 7.5 meter plastic hose (Ø47 mm)
2.6 liters of smoke machine fluid
Optionally available with remote control, extra jugs of ROM Smoke Fluid and/or ROM SmokeStopper

Find leaks on flat roofs

Find leaks on flat roofs very effectively with the eSTEAM smoke machine. Great for large and small leaks. Use the ROM eSTEAM smoke machine to blow smoke under the roof covering and see where the smoke comes out. This will help you easily find the leak.

smoke generator 19
smoke generator 6

Locate faulty connections with smoke

Easily find faulty sewer and rainwater drainage connections with the ROM eSTEAM smoke machine. Place the hose of the smoke machine in a man-hole outside the building, and let the smoke run through the sewage system and/or rainwater discharge pipe. If smoke comes through the wrong start point/end point, you have discovered the faulty connection.

Options ROM eSTEAM smoke machine

smoke generator 25

Radiographic remote control

If desired you can optionally purchase a radiographic remote control for even more operating ease and freedom of movement. You can control the smoke generator remotely, such as turning it on at a distance, regulate the fan speed and the smoke production

smoke generator 17

ROM SmokeStopper

Flexible bellow to easily place hose in a pipe and to seal the pipe (Ø70- 250mm) airtight around the smoke supply hose. Ideal when the tube wall shows unevenness