Unblock toilets, sinks and drain pipes

Cable machines

cable machines

Unblocking toilets, sinks and drainpipes is quick and easy with RIDGID spring machines. You have a choice of hand unblocking machines and larger sewer cleaners.


The applications of our spring machines:

  • Unblocking sinks
  • Unblocking bathtubs
  • Unblocking shower drains
  • Removing blockages in drinking fountains
  • Unblocking washbasins
  • Unblocking urinal and toilets
  • Unblocking washing machine pipes
  • Unblocking ventilation pipes

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RIDGID hand unblocking machines

  • Unblock pipes from Ø20 mm to 75 mm.
  • Ideal for cleaning sinks, bathtubs, shower drains, drinking fountains, sinks, urinals, washing machines and vent pipes
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RIDGID sewer cleaners

  • Unblock pipes up to Ø150 mm.
  • Ideal for cleaning sinks, baths, shower drains, roof ventilation ducts, etc.

Benefits of RIDGID spring machines

When you opt for a RIDGID spring machine, you’re opting for quality and assurance. Thousands of cleaning specialists rely on their excellent machine every day. Literally and figuratively ... RIDGID, definitely a smart investment.


  • Better cleaning result
  • Shorter work time
  • Fast payback
  • Easy and flexible to use
  • Long service life
  • Maximum reliability
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Many models available from stock
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