The ROM eSTEAM smoke machine has been specially developed for locating leaks on flat roofs.

Locate flat roof leaks without dismantling/demolition works being required

Quickly find leaks on flat roofs

Find leaks on flat roofs very effectively with the eSTEAM smoke machine. Great for large and small leaks. Use the ROM eSTEAM smoke machine to blow smoke under the roof covering and see where the smoke comes out. This will help you easily find the leak.


To blow the smoke under the roof covering, you will need to make a small hole. You then attach a special coupling (available from us) into the hole, into which you can blow the smoke. The smoke therefore ends up under the roof covering. Because you blow the smoke into the coupling under pressure, the smoke automatically searches for the shortest way out*.

A special coupling for bitumen roofing and for non-adhesive plastic roofing is available.

*Depending on the type of flat roof and the insulation underneath, the results may differ.


Locate flat roof leaks with a smoke test

The eSTEAM smoke machine blows the smoke under the roof covering under pressure. As a result, the smoke automatically finds the place of the leakage and flows out. By looking for where the smoke comes out, you know exactly where the roofing needs to be renewed or repaired.

You can use this method of leak detection on flat roofs for so-called non-adhered plastic or bitumen roof coverings.

Special coupling for locating a flat roof leak

Make a hole in the flat roof into which you screw this special coupling. Then connect the eSTEAM smoke machine and blow smoke through the coupling under the flat roof. Smoke will come out where the flat roof is leaking. You can then close the leak.

Choose from:
Coupling for bitumen roofing
Coupling for non-adhered plastic roofing

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