Easily find faulty sewer and rainwater drainage connections

Locating faults with the eSTEAM smoke machine

Locate faulty connections with smoke

Easily find faulty sewer and rainwater drainage connections with the ROM eSTEAM smoke machine. Place the hose of the smoke machine in a man-hole outside the building, and let the smoke run through the sewage system and/or rainwater discharge pipe. If smoke comes through the wrong start point/end point, you have discovered the faulty connection.

Using a smoke machine is a quick and relatively inexpensive method. Depending on the diameter of the sewer system and the housing density, approximately 200 homes can be checked per day. You also know exactly which connections are faulty. 

rom locate faulty connections with smoke
rom what is a faulty connection

What is a faulty connection?

If a pipe is connected to the wrong sewer, this means the connection is faulty. There are three types of faulty connections:

  1. The waste water discharge is connected to the rainwater sewer.
  2. The rainwater drainage is connected to the sewage sewer or pressure sewer.
  3. The wastewater and rainwater discharge have been reversed and connected to the rainwater and sewage sewer

Locate a faulty connection between wastewater and rainwater sewer

Using the eSTEAM smoke machine, blow smoke into the sewage water system to see whether a sewage water outlet is connected to the rainwater circuit. In this case, the smoke will come out through the gutter.

rom locate a faulty connection between wastewater and rainwat
rom locate faulty connection of rainwater to sewagepressure

Locate faulty connection of rainwater to sewage/pressure sewer

Use the eSTEAM smoke machine to identify a wrongly-connected rainwater drain in the sewage sewer. If the smoke emerges from downspouts or cesspits, they are connected to the sewage sewer.

Why not use a disco smoke machine or smoke tablets?

The big advantage of the ROM eSTEAM compared to established disco smoke machines is that the eSTEAM has been specially developed for locating connections. The eSTEAM has an ergonomic design and is extremely easy to operate and transport. 
The advantage over smoke tablets is that you can set the speed and density of the smoke with the eSTEAM so the smoke always goes in the direction you want.

Municipalities, service and installation companies successfully use the eSTEAM all around the world. They use them to detect faulty connections, as well as to be sure and prove to the customer that everything is connected correctly.

rom locate faulty
rom would you like more information about the rom esteam

Would you like more information about the ROM eSTEAM?

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