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Spray nozzle accessories

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Ceramic inserts

Ceramic inserts are the nozzles from which the water comes out of a spray nozzle. Ceramic inserts are the best you can get. They wear less, and the radius is much more accurate than with inserts made from steel or that are drilled. In addition, the spray nozzle also continues to work accurately for a much longer time.

Do you have a spray nozzle with worn-out inserts? You can have them replaced in our service centre. Of course, you can also replace them yourself. By replacing the inserts, you can effectively give the spray nozzle a second life.

Choose from round or flat ceramic inserts. Round inserts for a lot of power to solve blockages, and flat inserts for more cleaning power to properly clean and flush the pipe.

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ROM – ENZ Anti-return piece

Place the anti-return piece between the spray nozzle and the sewer hose. The anti-return piece prevents life-threatening situations that can arise if a spray nozzle turns around in a pipeline. This may occur if the spray nozzle enters a hidden pit or shaft, or encounters an obstacle (such as a closed valve) on its way through the pipeline. A returning spray nozzle can kill. So the anti-return piece may save your life.

The anti-return piece makes the total length of your spray nozzle and the bending radius of the hose greater than the total pipe diameter you are working in, which means the spray nozzle will be unable to turn back on itself. A safe idea, right?

Rotating couplings

Rotary couplings are ideal for non-circular spray nozzles if rotation of the nozzles is undesirable. You can place a rotating coupling between your high-pressure sewer hose and your spray nozzle. For example a sand shoe/scraper. The rotating coupling prevents the spray nozzle from lying on its back due to the high-pressure sewer hose rotating while it is unreeling.

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Hose entry guides

With a hose entry guide, you can prevent your expensive high-pressure sewer hose from wearing out. For example, due to the concrete edge of a well. Various types are available for different applications


Use the special ENZ Oil Spray Bio and the ROM spray nozzles pricker set to keep your spray nozzle in top condition. The spray cleans the spray nozzle, and the pricker keeps the spray nozzles/inserts open so water can flow through them properly.

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