For removing limescale, concrete (residues), tree roots and wood

Chain scrapers/Cutter spray nozzles

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 Type of pollution: hard/very hard
Adhesion to pipe: strong
Types of blockages: Roots, limescale, concrete, cement, etc.

The chain scrapers/cutter spray nozzles are available in these types: 


Chain scraper spray nozzles

Suitable for removing limescale, concrete residues and tree roots. You can adjust the chain length to suit the pipe diameter being worked on. Suitable for sewers from Ø60 to Ø800 mm.  Minimum required number of litres is 60 l/min. Chain scrapers are also ideal for cleaning pipes before you start a sewer renovation using an inliner, coating or injection method.

The guides are easy to adjust, so you can also clean oval and egg-shaped pipes. (Attachment for egg profile required; etc. 007.60017)

rom chain scrapers cutter spray nozzles
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Rotary sewer cutter

A rotary sewer cutter spray nozzle has many applications, including the removal of concrete residues, limescale, roots and wood.

Impact cutter spray nozzles

Impact cutters are rotary sewer cutters for removing the most stubborn dirt, including limescale, concrete, roots and wood. These nozzles operate at 600 to 3000 strokes per minute and provide an impact force of up to 12,000 kg.

Impact cutters can be used in pipe diameters from Ø100 to Ø600 mm. Minimum required number of litres is 100 l/min. With special material you can even clean plastic pipes.

The cutter teeth are interchangeable.

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Rotary sewer cutter CB90

Rotary sewer cutter CB90 for removing limescale and roots from PVC, steel and concrete pipes. The Freeskogel CB90 spray nozzle (also known as a cutting ball) is a round nozzle with a hard metal front that rotates and vibrates. Ideal for unblocking pipes that are clogged more than 50%.

The blades on the side are self-sharpening and therefore do not need to be sharpened. The spherical shape makes the rotary spray nozzle easy to bend and reduces the risk of damage to the pipe. In addition, the CB90 is leak-proof and can be used with recycled water.