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6 Tips for buying the right spray nozzle

tips for buying the right spray nozzle

Tip 1: Choose the correct spray nozzle for the specific type of contamination

 ROM has the right spray nozzle for every type of cleaning machine and application. ROM has the solution for all types of dirt. Whether you're talking about problems concerning fat/grease, soap, sand, tree roots, rust, limescale or cement problems. 

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Tip 2: Determine the required water jet

 Forward jet moves dirt forward (ideal when cleaning from a building).
 Backward jet provides traction and is needed to pull the contamination backwards (ideal for cleaning from the sewer).
 Lateral jet thoroughly cleans the pipe wall.

Tip 3: Select the size of the spray nozzle

 The spray nozzle should be large enough for optimal effect, however an oversized nozzle can cause problems in corners.

 The length of the spray nozzle should not exceed the diameter of the pipe (prevents problems in corners).

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Tip 4: Check pump capacity

 For an optimal effect of the spray nozzle, it is important that the pump can supply enough water. The high-pressure hose and nozzle need a certain amount of water.

Tip 5: Use the correct inserts (insert nozzles)

 Spray nozzles are equipped with inserts (insert nozzles). The high-pressure pump presses water through these holes. This creates the pressure of the water. The correct size is essential for optimal effect.

 Tip: maintain your spray nozzle with inserts well (wear and blockages have a negative impact on your cleaning effect).

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Tip 6: The right connection

 The connection determines the spray nozzle you choose. When choosing your spray nozzle, you must take into account the connection of your high-pressure hose.

Are you ordering a spray nozzle?

When ordering a spray nozzle, always have the following information available: 

 The capacity (pressure and number of litres of the pump)
 The length, diameter and type of connection of the hose

Would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us. Our spray nozzle experts are ready for you. Or visit our showroom in Barneveld.

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