For removing grease, soap residue, hair roots, etc.

Rotating spray nozzles

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 Type of pollution: fairly hard
Adhesion to pipe: strong
Types of blockages: Fat, soap residues, hair roots, etc.

The rotating spray nozzles are available in the following types:  


Rotating spray nozzles

Ideal for cleaning main sewers and house connections from Ø50 to Ø1000 mm. You can choose from radial, semi-radial and combi-radial spray nozzles.

ENZ’s radial spray nozzles have a patented counter-beam brake system to ensure the hydropower reaches the pipe wall with the most efficient force.

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Rotopuls vibrating and rotating spray nozzle

The Rotopuls vibrating and rotating spray nozzle is ideal for unblocking and cleaning blockages and removing hard to very hard sediment (even cement) in plastic, steel and concrete pipes.

The rotor provides rapid vibrations and pulsating water jets, even removing 10 cm thick contamination.

Turbopuls rotating spray nozzle

The ENZ golden jet® Turbopuls® rotating spray nozzle is specially designed for removing medium-hard deposits in pipes made of plastic, steel or concrete.

The Turbopuls is maintenance-free due to the special bearing and uses little water.

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Rotodrill rotary spray nozzle

The Rotodrill rotary spray nozzle delivers top cutting performance and delivers three to four times better cleaning performance than conventional pre-jet nozzles. 

Ideally suited for removing heavy soiling, clogged pipes and frozen pipelines.


Propeller rotating spray nozzle

The propeller rotating nozzle is ideal for cleaning large pipes from Ø300 to Ø2000 mm with clean and dirty water.

The guides are easy to adjust, so you can also clean oval and egg-shaped pipes. (Attachment for egg profile required; etc. 007.60017)

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Bulldog rotating spray nozzle

The ENZ golden jet® Bulldog® rotating spray nozzle is ideally suited for cleaning with clean and recycled water, thanks to the innovative side skids. The integrated oil-free braking system results in low wear and a controlled number of rotations. This allows you to achieve the most efficient and economical cleaning efficiency.

 Efficient and economical solution
 Can be used for many purposes, such as large roots and limescale
 Ideal for cleaning the pipe before sewer renovation work
 Durable and more powerful, thanks to controlled rotations and integrated oil-free braking system
 Easy to use and low maintenance
 In addition to ½” version, other sizes are also available
 Can be used with clean and recycled water
 Different nozzles for various types of pollution
 Working pressure up to 200 bar

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Bulldog Antiblast rotating spray nozzle

The Enz golden jet® Bulldog Antiblast rotating spray nozzle offers you all the advantages of the “normal” Bulldog. The major advantage of the Bulldog Antiblast in urban areas is that the Bulldog Antiblast prevents unwanted discharges.

Home discharge is due to a combination of under- and overpressure. The Antiblast ensures that there is as little difference as possible and the pressure remains the same.



Skids rotating spray nozzle

A skid rotating spray nozzle is ideal for special cleaning applications where little water is required. The skids have a unique function to work tightly along the pipe wall. The nozzles are designed for pipes from Ø40 to Ø400 mm.

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