Benefits you can really count on

Why ROM?

rom why rom

Count on the proven performance

ROM machines are the perfect tools for you as an entrepreneur: they do their job optimally, they are reliable, and they have a historically-proven high residual value. Tens of thousands of ROM machines are used every day in countless demanding environments. The installations work in extreme heat and cold, are resistant to dirt and mud, and demonstrate their reliability, day in day out. ROM units are known around the world as leading products with which specialists can work faster and more reliably.


If you opt for a ROM machine, you can be assured that you have chosen a smart investment. We can do the numbers for you. We’re not just talking about a competitive purchase price or low maintenance and operating costs during the service life. Because with ROM, there’s more to it than that. It’s no coincidence that more than 11,459 professionals rely on the many benefits of owning a ROM machine every day. And it goes further than just a good product.

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More than 11,459 professionals rely on ROM every day

More than 11,459 professionals rely on ROM every day. Are you wondering why? Contact us or visit our showroom. Our specialists will be happy to work out what working with a ROM can offer you.

The foundation of a smart investment

Investing in a ROM machine is good for your wallet. It starts with the competitive purchase price. When you add the low consumption and maintenance costs in, long with a high residual value, the maths are easily done. With a ROM machine, you are assured of reliable ROM quality, and you can build your business on the basis of proven performance. Our machines are designed to perform and continue to perform. This means you can make your customers happy every day while continuing to earn money.

rom the foundation of a smart investment
rom affordable and proven top quality

Affordable and proven top quality

A top product for a competitive price. This is possible at ROM. By building series, top quality becomes affordable. With more than 39 years of experience, and tens of thousands of machines in the field every day, we know better than anyone what is expected from a machine. Whatever machine you choose, ROM assures you of proven quality, durability, efficiency, safety and optimum ease of use.

100% made in house with a rich history

You will find many years of know-how and 100% in-house production in our quality products. All ideas, concepts and products are our own. Our own products, techniques and hard work from Dutch origins. We don't push boxes around. No, our products are completely made in house from a rich and proud history. State-of-the-art factories with an ultramodern welding robot and tank roller, combined with artisan craftsmen ensure a product with character. And you can tell.
rom made in house with a rich history
rom extremely tough for years of carefree use

Extremely tough for years of carefree use

The best of the best. You deserve it. This is why we use premium components from top brands, such as Speck high-pressure pumps and Kubota engines. Around the world, people know that ROM machines are indestructible. Sometimes our customers jokingly say “It is a pity my machine will last so long”. ROM machines guarantee a long service life because they are extremely solid, low-maintenance and resistant to the most extreme weather influences, such as rain, hail, extreme sunlight and night frost. It is no coincidence that our machines are tested to the limit in environments from the Sahara to the North Pole.

Some examples of our top quality

Nice words ... top quality, but what does it mean? Below are just a few examples:


  • Our vacuum tanks are completely hot-dip galvanised inside and out (sometimes 10 times as thick). This forms great protection against corrosion
  • The clean water tanks of our toilet service units are finished in a basalt grey colour, which reduces algae formation due to ultraviolet radiation
  • We use impact-resistant polyethylene plastic; it is recyclable, lightweight, yet extremely durable
rom some examples of our top quality
rom strictest performance and safety standards

Strictest performance and safety standards

We build ROM sewer machines and toilet service machines according to the strictest requirements. All our machines are equipped with CE certification, and we make everything in accordance with the latest machine guidelines. Everything revolves around safety, quality, ergonomics and comfort. We have been building machines that you can work with safely, that last a long time, and that you can work with easily and pleasantly for 39 years. Machines that put a smile on your face. Day in, day out.

Smart construction for maximum benefit

The construction of a ROM is surprisingly clever.

Some examples:


  • Ultimate comfort; everything at an ergonomic height and within reach
  • ROM machines are compact and lightweight without sacrificing strength and quality. Advantages: more water capacity, more storage and loading capacity, better fuel saving, etc.
  • Compact units will often fit into vehicles that only require a modest investment
  • ROM units are sometimes small in size, but huge in performance. Smart pipe and line work ensures minimal pressure loss and maximum cleaning power
  • Easy to use. Personnel can get to work immediately, ensuring maximum productivity and profitability
rom smart construction for maximum benefit
rom advantages that arent immediately obvious

Advantages that aren't immediately obvious

“Wow, that's handy!” We hear this regularly from our clients. ROM provides thorough practical training for your machine upon delivery. This ensures you can use the machine correctly and safely while avoiding high training costs. If you want to check the explanation again, ROM has comprehensive manuals and instructional videos. And that’s not all... Have you ever considered what would happen if parts of your machine broke after 8 years and they were no longer in stock? With ROM, you are assured that parts for your machine will be guaranteed to be available for 10 years. That's great, right? Let's carry on with the “hidden benefits”.

A visitors’ card for your company

“You can tell it’s a ROM from miles away”, state many customers. Our machines have an eye-catching design. The beautiful lines, modern appearance and sustainable character, means ROM is considered a “pearl”. And importantly ... the design takes into account the fact that you probably want to put your advertising on it. A great calling card for your company.
rom a visitors card for your company
rom surprisingly innovative

Surprisingly innovative

Work more efficiently and more pleasantly. We are making this possible for the users of our machines every day. We do not stand still. We constantly try to improve our machines. An adjustment here, an improvement there. We equip our machines with smart solutions and new technologies. With our own Research & Development team, designers and state-of-the-art factories, we can innovate continuously, and you can reap the benefits. Would you like to know more about where our innovative machines are made?

Global player that is close to you

With two distribution centres in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, and more than 50 local partners in more than 35 countries, we are always close by. In addition to experts in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and America who speak your language, ROM also has manuals in no fewer than 25 languages. You can also visit the website for catalogues in no less than 6 world languages. Together with its local partners, ROM also has various service points worldwide.

rom global player that is close to you
rom usually available from stock

Usually available from stock

Do you want to start earning money straight away? That's possible. We always have various machines in stock. And thanks to our factories in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, we are able to deliver quickly because we normally have several models in stock.

Buy, rent and lease top brands

ROM is more than a machine builder. We have specialised in cleaning, unblocking, inspecting and locating since 1980. We are not just a manufacturer. We are also an advisor. We help start-up entrepreneurs and old-hands find the right solution. Our own machines, supplemented with renowned brands such as RIDGID and ENZ, enable us to offer a total solution. And you can buy, rent and even lease this equipment.

rom brands ridgid enz trelleborg vetter kubota speck
rom professional after sales support

Professional after-sales support

A ROM machine is a high-quality, reliable installation that is designed to perform and, above all, continue to perform. You need complete faith that your installation will work properly at all times and in any location. If something unexpectedly does not work, we will help you get back on your way quickly. This means you can immediately start earning money again. A professional service team in and out of the field are ready to support you. Our service organisation works throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Our service department supports our local agents and customers in all other areas. ROM offers you certainty and satisfaction. And that's a reassuring thought.

ISO certification & quality labels

At ROM, we say what we do, and we do what we say. And we can prove it, time and time again. We are proud to have been awarded with ISO 9001 certification for many years. This demonstrates proven quality and reliability as an organisation and staff. ROM only makes equipment that is CE approved and certified according to the legal standards and guidelines for quality, safety, working conditions, environment and sustainability. The guarantees provided by certifications, memberships with various partners such as ISO, RDW and RAI, plus a stable organisation with a powerful holding KOKS Group makes ROM a reliable party, now and for the future.

rom iso certification and quality labels
rom sustainable enterprise

Sustainable enterprise

We have to look after our planet. After all, we only have one. We want to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible. A number of our initiatives;


  • ROM uses economical EU STAGE V engines
  • 95% of our machine components are recyclable
  • ROM collects rainwater and (re)uses it
  • ROM invoices 99% digitally
  • We use Q8 biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • ROM is actively involved in waste separation/recycling
  • ROM is happy to give its machines a second life by offering trade-in options

Social Responsibility

In addition to sustainable business, we do more. Some examples:


  • Cooperation with humanitarian agencies such as the Red Cross, Waste and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • We offer opportunities for people with disabilities
  • ROM is an official learning company for students
  • ROM offers its employees an environment in which they can work healthily and safely, and where they can continue to develop
rom social responsibility
rom our people go the extra mile for you

Our people go the extra mile for you

At ROM we want to exceed expectations. Each and every day. Our aim is to be and remain the best and most competent partner in the sewer and mobile toilet service industry. A major global player, but with the charm of a small company. Short communication lines, a welcoming feeling, and fresh coffee at all times. Like stepping into a warm bath. We are of the type “Stop complaining, just get cleaning”. In other words, we are pragmatists and go-getters. We solve problems quickly, we work with you as a team, and a deal is a deal. Easy and transparent communication. We like it like that. Just a short email or a WhatsApp. And if you prefer to call or meet face-to-face? The choice is yours.