Vacuum units pick up

ROM Vacuum units pick up are intended for the simple emptying of grease traps, septic tanks and surface water drains. The portable suction machines are perfect for use in places that are difficult to access such as schoolyards and shopping centres. The portable suction machines are also suited for the removal of excess water after flooding problems. You can think of, for example, flooded cellars or garages.

The ROM portable vacuum machines are available in different versions (1200l & 1750l. tanks) and offer you mobility and flexibility. A perfect opportunity to expand your activities.

Thanks to a convenient pick-up system with fork-lift tubes, you can easily pick up the mobile vacuum machines and place them on a trailer or a vehicle with flatbed. Don’t need the unit for some time? Then you can remove it allowing you to use your vehicle for other purposes.

Applications for which these portable suction machines are used: Emptying of grease traps | Septic tank cleaning | Emptying of surface water drains | Emptying of flooded cellars and garages | Calamity approach with severe flooding of pollution of surface water | Pit cleaning

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