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Training and demonstration

rom demonstratie aanvragen

Are you planning to buy a ROM machine? You can ask for a no-obligation demonstration so you can see for yourself what the machine can do.

Have you already purchased a ROM machine? Then you can follow training yourself or with colleagues so everyone knows how to get the most out of a ROM machine. This saves time because the work can be done more efficiently. You will soon have more time. Time that can be filled up with an extra job for example.

Training or demonstration

Do you have any questions about our training or requesting a demonstration?

Our experts are happy to provide you with all the information you require about the possibilities of a demonstration or training.


A no-obligation demonstration will help you find a suitable ROM. Request a demonstration and see the performance of our machines for yourself.

rom demonstration
rom follow product training

Follow product training

To get the best out of your ROM machine, we can provide training for you and your employees. After following the training, everyone will know how to get the most out of a ROM machine, the best way to use the machine in various scenarios, and how to keep the machine in top condition.