Toilet servicing accessories

rom toilet servicing accessories

In addition to machines, we also have many other tools that are indispensable for you as a toilet rental company if you are going to be required to empty and clean mobile toilets. For example:


  • Hi-Vac vacuum hoses
  • Spare parts for toilet service
  • Maintenance kits
  • Long life upgrade kits
  • And much more...

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Hi-Vac vacuum hose promotion

Is your Hi-Vac vacuum hose due for replacement? Then benefit from our attractive offer.


A list of all the benefits can be seen below.

  • Long service life thanks to high load capacity and flexibility
  • Very robust & light in weight
  • 100% vacuum
  • Pressure and kink resistant (also in the event of a very small radius)
  • Resistant to weather
  • Smooth inner wall for improved pump efficiency
  • Equipped with spiral-free sleeves on both ends

Order now

  • Hi-Vac 2” x 9.15 metre | €175
  • Hi-Vac 2” x 12.15 metre | €225
  • Hi-Vac 2” x 15.20 metre | €275
  • Hi-Vac 2” x 18.30 metre | €310
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Promotions on toilet service machines parts

Are you looking for toilet service machine parts? ROM regularly has promotions on various component parts such as camlock couplings and ball valves. You can find parts and accessories for your toilet service machine at


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Maintenance kits

A ROM toilet service machine is a high-quality, reliable installation that is designed to perform, time and time again. You need complete faith that your installation will work properly at all times and in any location. Maintenance of your machine is therefore extremely important.


ROM offers a maintenance kit for carrying out periodic maintenance to your toilet service unit. The kit comes complete with filters, engine oil, spark plug and vacuum pump maintenance kit.

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Long life upgrade kits

If you invest in a ROM toilet service unit, you can opt for a Long Life upgrade kit for the vacuum pump. This considerably extends the effective running time. Ideal if you clean many toilets in succession every day.


The kit consists of:

  • Kevlar reinforced baffles instead of standard baffles in the vacuum pump
  • Steel filter element in the oil separator instead of a plastic one, and an extra oil reservoir.

Other toilet service accessories

Our website only contains a selection of our toilet service accessories. 

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