For removing general pollution

Standard spray nozzles

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 Type of pollution: soft
 Adhesion to pipe: light
 Types of blockages: general pollution.

The standard spray nozzles are available in the following types: 

Spray nozzles for general cleaning

Spray nozzles for cleaning and unblocking general dirt in drainpipes with diameters up to Ø300 mm.

rom standard spray nozzles
rom grenade spray nozzle

Grenade spray nozzle

Grenade spray nozzles are suitable for normal cleaning in pipes with diameters from Ø50 to Ø100 mm. In diameters up to Ø300 mm, grenades are also suitable for removing sand, stones and gravel.

You can also use grenades before unblocking pipes and cleaning with a cutter or chain scraper.

Drainage channel spray nozzle

Clean drainage channels without disturbing the surrounding area using our special spray nozzle. The spray angle of 0° prevents the water spraying up from the drainage channel during cleaning. 

rom lijngoot afvoergoot spuitkop

Impact nozzle spray nozzle

Impact nozzle spray nozzles are ideally suited for sorting out heavy blockages. Even the removal of entangled roots and ice is possible.

rom impact nozzle spray nozzle
rom sand shoe spray nozzle

Sand shoe spray nozzle

The sand shoe spray nozzle (also called a “flunder”) is ideal for removing sand, mud and stones in flat pipes, gutters and channels.

In combination with a rotating coupling, the sand shoe ensures maximum effectiveness.

Bulldozer (scraper) spray nozzle

The bulldozer spray nozzle (also called a “scraper”) is ideal for removing sand and accumulated dirt in pipes from Ø200 to Ø1000 mm. 

To achieve sufficient efficiency, it requires at least 100 l/min.

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rom ejector spray nozzle

Ejector spray nozzle

Ejector spray nozzles are suitable for unblocking and cleaning overcrowded pipes larger than Ø500 mm.

Particularly suitable in cases when you need enormous flushing capacity.