New: ROM e-EcoNomic 100% Electric high-pressure sewer cleaning unit

29 September 2021
New: ROM e-EcoNomic 100% Electric high-pressure sewer cleaning unit

Emission-free, powerful and uncompromisingly reliable. Meet the 100% electric ROM e-EcoNomic. This sewer cleaner lets you work more quietly and eliminates harmful emissions.

So the e-EcoNomic contributes significantly to a healthy and liveable (urban) climate. This powerhouse delivers a cleaning pressure of up to 200 bars, with a water capacity of up to 75 l/min. Ideal for cleaning and unblocking main sewers and home sewer connections up to Ø600 mm.

Thanks to advanced technology, such as a powerful electric drive and the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries, you can work all day long without unnecessary interruptions. The same excellent ROM experience that we have offered our users for the past 40 years.

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Zero emissions & less noise

The future is already here. More and more cities are creating zero-emission zones where petrol, diesel or gas engines are banned. Noise levels are another topic of high interest. The e-EcoNomic is the solution to the “zero-emission sewer cleaning” challenge and one that does not compromise daily operability in any way.

Ideal for cities, tunnels and industrial buildings

Being able to work without harmful emissions of nitrous oxides (NOx), soot and CO2 opens up new opportunities. Emission-free zones in cities, indoor industrial buildings and tunnels... with the e-EcoNomic, you can expand your activities to include locations like these.  

Latest-generation lithium-ion batteries

The e-EcoNomic uses technology that has already been proven in the automotive industry. For example, 'high-performance' lithium-ion batteries that you can use all day, without interruptions. You benefit from all the upsides, such as a higher energy density, faster charging and maintenance-free batteries.

Low weight and compact unit for light to medium-sized commercial vehicles

The electric ROM e-EcoNomic is extremely lightweight and compactly designed. So this unit fits easily into light and medium-sized commercial vehicles such as the Toyota PROACE, MB Vito/Sprinter, VW Transporter/Crafter, Renault Trafic/Master, Opel Vivaro/Movano, Ford Transit/Custom and Iveco Daily.

Fitting the e-EcoNomic in a smaller vehicle can save you as much as €10,000. The compact design and low weight of the unit also allow you to carry a large quantity of water and free up more load space.

No limitation on your load space thanks to the integrated battery pack

The latest generation of high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries are smaller and lighter than conventional batteries and offer much better performance. Because the battery pack is fully integrated into the machine, you do not have to sacrifice any load space. In fact, you will have even more storage space for your tools and equipment.

Fast charging wherever you wish

A normal 230 V socket can be used to charge the batteries. Using the optional CCS fast charger, you can charge the electric ROM e-EcoNomic quickly wherever and whenever you want. At work, at home, at motorway service stations or at an EV charging station. You can even charge the batteries while working on a job.

Powerful electric motor for the toughest jobs

You can feel that the machine is a real powerhouse as soon as you touch the equipment. Whatever the job at hand, the ROM e-EcoNomic can handle it. The powerful and efficient high-performance electric motor can deliver a continuous output of up to 24 kW thanks to water cooling. A power output that is comparable to a 32 hp diesel or petrol engine. So the ROM e-EcoNomic offers you the same power levels that you are used to. But with no harmful emissions, of course.

Lightning-fast cleaning

Lightning-fast cleaning in combination with optimum comfort, excellent ergonomics and safety
With the powerful ROM e-EcoNomic, you can unblock and clean sewers in next to no time. Both reels and the user-friendly iROM control panel are hung at the most optimal height for the user.

You can move the sewer hose to the ideal position in seconds thanks to the 225˚ swivelling range of the electrically driven high-pressure reel. Next, you simply fold out the hose entry guide and press the appropriate button to smoothly unwind the high-pressure hose into the sewer.

The ergonomically designed remote control unit supplied with the equipment fits comfortably in your hand and offers you all the functions you need for optimal operation. Safety is another aspect that you do not have to worry about when working with the ROM e-EcoNomic. The machine is equipped as standard with all the required safety features.

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