New: ROM Cube sewer jetter

13 September 2021
New: ROM Cube sewer jetter

With the new ROM Cube, you will benefit from an #upgradeperformance. A new generation of sewer cleaning machines. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and packed with extras. All so you can work faster and more comfortably, and subsequently earn more money.

The ROM pump delivers a cleaning pressure of up to 200 bar, with a water capacity of up to 70 l/min. This is ideal for cleaning and unblocking sewers and house connections with a diameter of 70-500 millimetres.

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Competitively priced sewer machine
in attractive versions packed with extras

Do you want a fully equipped sewer cleaning machine for a competitive price? Choose the ROM Cube. Available in attractive versions. Take the Premium Edition for example. As standard, this has everything you need to carry out your work comfortably and efficiently:

  • powerful electrically powered high-pressure reel
  • remote control
  • iROM control
  • filling hose reel incl. 50 metre water hose
  • longer 80 metre 1/2” sewer hose
  • and much more

A real money-maker
Competitively priced machine that fits into an affordable van = more profit

The ROM Cube sewer cleaning machine is not only inexpensive to purchase, it is also very compact and lightweight. It even fits inside smaller commercial vehicles with just 96 centimetres of space between the wheel arches.

These light to medium commercial vehicles, such as the Mercedes-Benz Vito, Volkswagen Transporter, Ford Transit Custom or Renault Trafic, are quite inexpensive to purchase. This means you can get on the road with your own company van, complete with ROM Cube, for just a modest investment. A double saving.

In addition to low investment costs, you also benefit from minimal depreciation and low fuel consumption. Even more profit.

Ultra-compact and lightweight
for extra storage space and more water

The Cube has a compact design and is lightweight, which means you can take more water with you and enjoy more storage space.

The machine has a spacious 400 litre water tank and is extremely compact thanks to its smart solutions, such as an integrated fuel tank.

Powerful and economical engines
Comply with all European emission requirements

Depending on your requirements as a user, you can choose an air-cooled VANGUARD petrol engine or an extra powerful water-cooled industrial KUBOTA petrol or diesel engine.

These strong, economical engines meet Stage V emission requirements and have state of the art techniques. For example, electronic fuel injection (EFI) and CAN bus.

Long service life, low cost

You can have peace of mind that your Cube will repay your initial investment many times over. This machine guarantees a long service life and low costs.

The Cube has reliable A-brand parts, such as VANGUARD and KUBOTA motors and a maintenance-free Speck pump. With other features, such as a galvanised frame, the ROM Cube is a sewer cleaning machine that will last for years.

User-friendly simplicity
Maximum comfort, ergonomics and safety

The ROM Cube is made for one purpose. For you to get the job done as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Reels are fitted at an ergonomic height, controls are always within reach, and you can load and unroll the sewer hose with the push of a button.

A remote control, electric high-pressure reel, and a fold-out control panel make the machine a pleasure to work with. The hose entry guide means you can lower the sewer hose into the sewer in exactly the right place. Going about your business can now be a joy.

Electric high-pressure reel
Powerful and environmentally friendly

The ROM Cube Premium edition is equipped with an electric high-pressure reel. Powerful and environmentally friendly at the same time. This prevents greasy oil getting on the components. In addition, the Cube uses recyclable materials. Everything for a cleaner planet.

Professional design
Feeling good on the road

The ROM Cube is not only compactly built, it also looks great. You can proudly show this machine to your customers.

The Cube is available in your company colour, and even has enough space to put your company logo on it. This makes it 100% your own professional sewer cleaning machine.

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