NEW: Reel and unreel remotely at the touch of a button

17 April 2020
NEW: Reel and unreel remotely at the touch of a button


With our professional remote and heavy duty remote control (pictured), you can now also reel and unreel the high-pressure hose remotely.

 Walking back and forth to operate the reel is a thing of the past. And this saves time you can best use for other activities.

 To ensure the safety of you and your environment, the high-pressure reel can be reeled from up to a maximum of 5 metres away. This means you can still see the winding of the highpressure hose on the reel. As a result, this function fully complies with the CE directive.

 As soon as you are outside 5 metres, the winding will automatically stop and the function will be switched off . This can be seen immediately via the fl ashing button on the remote control.


A wireless remote control allows you to work more efficiently, ergonomically and safely with a sewer cleaning machine. Using a remote control has many advantages, such as one-man operation, more freedom of movement, reduced risk of physical injury, and no unnecessary wear on your machine.

In addition to safety, our remote controls are designed to withstand signifi cant impact. For example, they are equipped with a shock-absorbing rubber cover. What if they drop or get wet from splashes or wet hands? Our remote controls can withstand it all, and are made for use in the most extreme conditions.

Our remote controls have a robust design that fi ts well in your hand. The ergonomic design prevents early fatigue and overloading of your hands, fi ngers and arms. It feels pleasant and provides good grip.  

Thanks to the powerful signal, our remote control has a range of up to 1,000 metres in an open area. Due to this strong signal, our remote control is also less aff ected by interference. Our remote controls also have an excellent range in low and high buildings, not just outdoors. Our remote controls are unsurpassed in this.

The battery in our remote control lasts up to 16 hours. This means you can work continuously with the remote control for 2 working days. The battery is designed in such a way that it hardly decreases in capacity, even after years of use. And when the battery is low, you can recharge the remote control in no time. The remote control will be ready if you charge it while driving to your next job.

Even more advantages:

  • Cost eff ective: work with only one person at a greater distance from the machine
  • Optimal safety: Emergency stop function thanks to continuous signal between transmitter and receiver
  • The IP66 rating means the remote control is fully protected from dust, as well as being waterproof against rain and waves of water.
  • Short switching time: limited water loss and prevention of unnecessary water-logging
  • Feedback: information feedback via LED (on machines with iROM control system)




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