NEW: ROM e-Drive drivetrain

09 November 2023
NEW: ROM e-Drive drivetrain

NEW: The world's first electric, patented ROM e-Drive. This ultra-compact drivetrain makes it possible to provide even the smallest machines with electric drive.⚡

But that's not all... Thanks to the ROM e-Drive, you choose a sustainable and smart solution. Your machine simply requires less maintenance.

Want to get the most out of every working day? 🚀 Contact our specialists. We will tell you everything about electric cleaning with a ROM machine: +31 (0)342 49 04 17 |

With a ROM machine that is equipped with the ROM e-Drive, you are of course assured of all the benefits that an electric unit provides:

✔️ Proven ROM quality; reliable without compromise
✔️ Powerful performance all day long
✔️ Zero-emission zones remain accessible
✔️ More assignments thanks to preferred supplier status

💰 All things considered, investing in a ROM is much cheaper and will allow you to enjoy maximum profit over the years. So, count on proven performance, choose a ROM. A real money-making machine.


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