Maintenance that you can perform yourself

Maintenance tips

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Question: “I know it's important to properly maintain my unit, but what maintenance do I have to do, and when?”

Answer: “There are various parts on the machine that require maintenance. Not all parts require the same amount of attention, but to ensure your machine has the longest service life possible, it is important for you to maintain your machine regularly.” You can read various tips below.

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Do you have any questions about maintenance?

Do you have any questions about maintaining your ROM? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Daily maintenance

  1. Checking the pump oil level. This can be seen in the sight glass; if it is difficult to see, you can also check the oil level with the dipstick
  2. Check the engine oil level
  3. Clean the installation water filter
  4. Check the nozzles for wear and ensure the nozzles (holes) are not clogged. If a spray head becomes clogged, the spray nozzles can be punctured with a picker set
  5. Check the hoses for damage and replace quickly as soon as any damage is detected.
  6. Remove any residual product from the moisture trap (toilet service machine)
  7. Remove oil from the oil separator (toilet service machine)
  8. Check automatic lubrication system (toilet service machine)
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monthly maintenance

Monthly maintenance

  1. Check battery cables/clips
  2. Check the tension of the alternator V-belt (motor) and the drive belt (motor pump)
  3. Do you have a diesel version? You should check the coolant level of the engine
  4. Clean the drain ball valve. First drain the tank completely, then open the valve and rinse it clean
  5. Lubricate the vacuum pump grease nipples
  6. Check bolts and hose clamps
  7. Check hoses and cables for damage
  8. Check the vacuum valve and the pressure relief valve are working properly.