A brand new ROM machine for a fixed monthly fee

Lease and keep your money in the bank

rom finance and leasing

Fixed amount per month

Pay a fixed amount per month to prevent incurring a large one - time expense. Retain your assets in the bank, or use the money to make other investments.

Fixed amount per month

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The advantages of leasing

  • Low monthly payments: decide the duration and the final payment sum yourself
  • Staggered payment: keep money for your business or build up a buffer
  • Stability and predictability: pay a fixed amount per month during the term
  • Our products always have a full warranty
rom the advantages of leasing
rom how does leasing work

How does leasing work?

Entering into a lease means you take out financing for a f ixed period of time and pay interest on the money you borrow. At the end of the fixed period, after your final payment, your ROM is yours.

You configure your ROM machine easily yourself, and it's the same with your financing.