“What are we about and what do we stand for?”

Mission, vision and core values

rom mission vision and core values

The ROM Vision

Creating smart solutions for the sewer and mobile toilet service industry by constantly developing new technologies, products and methods and marketing them worldwide. This is achieved using sustainable methods to improve the quality of the environment and the surroundings in which we live and work.

The ROM vision

Would you like to get to know ROM?

Pay us a visit. We can imagine that you would like to know, see and touch more. Find out why more than 11,459 professionals trust ROM. Get to know the extensive range of sewer cleaning and toilet service equipment. Our consultants are ready to provide you with any assistance you may require in our showroom.


Adding maximum value to the activities of our customers by creating the most optimal sewer and mobile toilet service solutions and bringing them within reach to everyone around the world.


We want to unburden customers by designing, producing and offering a complete range of affordable, high-quality and innovative products and services.

rom mission
rom world class player

World-class player

Our employees are driven to exceed the expectations of our customers on a daily basis, gaining loyalty as a result. Our goal is to be recognised as the best and most competent partner in the sewer and mobile toilet service industry. This will help us become an important global player that continues to adhere to its principles.

“Think Global, act Local"

The “Think global, act local” principle, and close cooperation with our customers, colleagues and business partners are essential. “Think Global, act Local”

rom think global act local
rom the rom dna


From sewer cleaning machines and toilet service installations, to locating equipment and inspection cameras: With our business units, ROM is active in many different industries. What do they all have in common? The passion to perform, and taking pleasure in their work. We feel empowered to act and embrace our responsibility. This means we contribute to our successes and those of our customers. This makes ROM strong, and you benefit from it.

Five core values as the basis for a good future


We are proud and do business with a smile...every day. We value and help each other to be successful and build warm, close relationships with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.


Stand Out

The power of quality. Quality within ourselves and in everything we make, say and do. Regardless of whether this involves people, processes, products or our service.



We continuously improve ourselves and strive for product and process progress with the ultimate goal being “maximum customer value”.



The power of reliability. We are respectful, honest and clear in everything we do.



We feel empowered to act and embrace our responsibility. We show commitment and contribute in this way to our successes.

rom five core values as the basis for a good future