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Count on the proven performance

ROM machines are the perfect tools for you as an entrepreneur: they do their job optimally, they are reliable, and they have a historically-proven high residual value. Tens of thousands of ROM machines are used every day in countless demanding environments. The installations work in extreme heat and cold, are resistant to dirt and mud, and demonstrate their reliability, day in day out. ROM units are known around the world as leading products with which specialists can work faster and more reliably.


If you opt for a ROM machine, you can be assured that you have chosen a smart investment. We can do the numbers for you. We’re not just talking about a competitive purchase price or low maintenance and operating costs during the service life. Because with ROM, there’s more to it than that. It’s no coincidence that more than 11,459 professionals rely on the many benefits of owning a ROM machine every day. And it goes further than just a good product.

More than 11,459 professionals rely on ROM every day

More than 11,459 professionals rely on ROM every day. Are you wondering why? Contact us or visit our showroom. Our specialists will be happy to work out what working with a ROM can offer you.

rom reviews johnny servis

Matthew Duras, Johnny Servis

A ROM machine lasts a lifetime. We never disappoint customers and we help them earn money every day.

Mick Bowman

You’ll find everything you need with ROM. Various machine builders could not deliver what I wanted. But ROM can. More than 39 years of experience and a sophisticated range. You can count on that.

rom reviews toiletsplus
rom reviews boels

Rob Koevoets, Boels Rental

When you rent out thousands of toilets every day they also need to be cleaned, and you need to be able to rely on the machine. That's why we've been working with ROM for so long. We know we can rely on them.


Working in this industry is pretty tough. In the interests of our employees, we opt for ROM. They just work extremely well.

rom reviews formarent
rom reviews egn

Jürgen Hagedorn, EGN Entsorgungsgesellschaft Niederrhein mbH

Why choose ROM? Well these machines last a lifetime!.

Thorsten Luzius - Boels Rental

During the high season, we are in full swing. If we need parts, they are often delivered the next day.

rom reviews boels
rom reviews toilettenservicekraus

Mr Kraus, Martin Kraus

My employees are happy to be on the road with ROM units, and so am I. They are already 15 years old and have been built into a second vehicle. That's what they mean when they say it's a smart investment.

Marcel Melissen, Syntus

We opted for a ROM. It is simply the perfect solution for our transport company.

rom reviews syntus
rom reviews econoloo

Mr Meijer, Econ-O-Loo (South Africa)

ROM machines are often available from stock and can easily be transported anywhere in the world, to me in South Africa for example. I can start earning money immediately.

Marcha Koorndijk, Koro's Verhuur - Suriname

Despite the distance to Suriname, parts are delivered quickly. This means we can get back to work quickly after carrying out a repair. This is very important because it costs a lot of money if a machine is out of action for a long time.

rom reviews korosverhuur
rom reviews euroloo

Gary Mead, Euroloo

If you want quality, choose ROM. The machines are easy to use and they last a long time. The first unit that I bought from ROM is now more than 10 years old and it is still being used.