ROM has the right spray nozzle for every type of cleaning machine and application.

Spray nozzles for the sewer specialist

ROM has the right spray nozzle for every type of cleaning machine and application. ROM has the solution for all types of dirt. Whether you're talking about problems concerning fat/grease, soap, sand, tree roots, rust, limescale or cement problems.

The right spray nozzle in the pipeline will yield:
Better and faster cleaning
Lower labour costs
Lower fuel and water consumption
Less wear on equipment
Less nuisance for the environment

Imagine you have a beautiful sports car at your doorstep. It is of no use to you without the correct driver training or the correct tyres. With a good education, you will learn how to operate the sports car. With the right tyres you get the most out of it. The same applies to spray nozzles. You can, of course, fix any spray nozzle to the high-pressure hose, go full throttle and hope for the best. But it is better to know which spray nozzle to use for which blockage and which best suits the capacity of your machine. You will achieve a better cleaning result and work faster. You will save time and money.

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We are an official dealer for ENZ spray nozzles. ENZ is the European market leader and a leader in the field of spray nozzles. You benefit from the most modern technology, resulting in the best available spray nozzles.

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6 Tips for buying the right spray nozzle

  1. Depending on the specific problem in the pipe, choose the correct spray nozzle type
  2. Determine the required water jets (forward, backward or sideways)
  3. Choose the correct spray nozzle size
  4. Check the pump capacity of your cleaning machine
  5. Use the correct insert (insert nozzles) in your spray nozzle, tailored to your machine
  6. Choose the correct connection, so the spray nozzle fits your high-pressure hose

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Standard spray nozzles

 Type of pollution: soft
 Adhesion to pipe: light
 Types of blockages: general pollution

The standard spray nozzles are available in these types:

General cleaning nozzles for general contamination
Grenadesfor removing sand, stones and gravel
Impact nozzlesfor heavy blockages. Even suitable for removing entangled roots and ice
Sand shoes(“Flunder”) for removing sand, mud and stones in flat pipes, gutters and channels.
Bulldozersfor removing sand and accumulated dirt in pipes from Ø200 to Ø1000 mm.
Ejectorsfor unblocking and cleaning overcrowded pipes larger than Ø500 mm.

Rotating spray nozzles

 Type of pollution: fairly hard
 Adhesion to pipe: strong
Types of blockages: Fat, soap residues, fine tree roots, etc.

Rotating spray nozzles are available in these types:

Rotopuls vibration headfor removing hard to very hard sediment and even cement in pipes made of plastic, steel and concrete.
Turbopulsfor removing medium-hard deposits in plastic, steel or concrete pipes.
Rotodrillfor removing heavy soiling, clogged pipes and frozen pipelines.
Propellerfor cleaning large pipes from Ø300 to Ø2000 mm.
Bulldog is ideally suited  for cleaning with clean and recycled water, thanks to the innovative side skids.
 Bulldog Antiblastprevents unwanted discharge. The Antiblast ensures there is as little pressure difference as possible and that the pressure remains the same.
Glidersfor special cleaning applications where little water is required. For pipes from Ø40 to Ø400 mm.

Chain scrapers/Cutter spray nozzles

 Type of pollution: hard/very hard
 Adhesion to pipe: strong
  Types of blockages: Roots, limescale, concrete, cement, etc.

Chain scrapers and cutters are available in these types:

Chain scrapers for removing limescale, concrete residues and tree roots. You can adjust the chain length to suit the pipe diameter being worked on. Suitable for sewers from Ø60 to Ø800 mm.
Cuttersfor removing concrete residues, limescale, roots and wood.
Impact cuttersfor removing the most stubborn dirt, including limescale, concrete, roots and wood.
Cutting ball CB90for removing limescale and roots from PVC, steel and concrete pipes.

Industrial spray nozzles

  Type of pollution: hard/very hard
Adhesion to pipe: strong
Types of blockages: stubborn dirt from heat exchangers in chemical and nuclear plants.

Industrial spray nozzles are available in these types:

Bulldog 1000 bar for unblocking and cleaning work in industrial settings. For example, you can remove stubborn dirt from heat exchangers in chemical and nuclear factories.
Rotating nozzles 1000 bar for unblocking and cleaning work in industrial settings. For example, you can remove stubborn dirt from heat exchangers in chemical and nuclear plants. With a pressure of 1000 bar, you can clean
pipe walls efficiently.
Cross-jet nozzles 1000 bar for industrial cleaning of heat exchangers; extremely suitable for unblocking completely blocked pipes.

Spray nozzle accessories

ROM offers many spray nozzle accessories such as:

 Ceramic inserts
ROM - ENZ Anti-baffle
Radial rotating nozzles
Rotating couplings
Spray guns
Hose entry guides
Corrosion protection spray

Spray nozzles Cases & Sets

We offer various composite spray nozzle cases and spray nozzle sets that are completely tailored to your machine and your wishes. This means you will always have all the necessary spray nozzles at hand.


4 Tips for maintaining spray nozzles

If you have purchased and used a spray nozzle, it is important to maintain the spray nozzle properly. We have various maintenance tips to ensure maximum service life and optimum performance of your spray nozzle.

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