Clean a drainage channel without disturbing the surrounding area

Drainage channel spray nozzle

Clean drainage channels without disturbing the surrounding area using our special spray nozzle. The spray angle of 0° prevents the water spraying up from the drainage channel during cleaning. This ensures the surrounding area will not require a separate clean, and passers-by will not be hindered. This allows you to clean busy environments such shopping streets, near roads and in parking garages.

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Advantages of the drainage channel spray nozzle

 No water spraying upwards from the gutter or drainage channel
 Optimal cleaning power for contaminated gutters to remove fine waste, gravel, sand, grit, leaves, etc.
 No cleaning work afterwards
 The spray nozzle works in any position
 Ideal for cleaning a gutter or drainage channel
Removes debris, gravel, leaves, straw and more.

A clean drainage channel is important

Sand, leaves and other road debris can accumulate in a gutter or drainage channel. This reduces the cross-section of the gutter, which will have a negative effect on the hydraulic capacity.

This is why it is important to keep a gutter or drainage channel as clean as possible to ensure rainwater is removed as quickly as possible. Our special spray nozzle ensures the dirt quickly rinses out of the gutter. Little or no water sprays upwards, which means the surrounding area and passers-by are not hindered. This also means cleaning can be carried out in busy environments.

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