Cover man-hole openings quickly and easily

ROM Protector | Man-hole opening fall protection with hose guide system

Accidents are just waiting to happen. Are you about to start a sewer cleaning job? Then you need to gain access to the sewer via a man-hole opening. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that. And that opening, it’s not a place you want to fall into, right? Or how about that expensive tool you have with you. Not something you want to see disappear down the opening.

Fortunately, there is now a solution for this. The ROM Protector. A man-hole opening protection system including hose guide. A sturdy grate that you can easily fix to the man-hole opening with the 4 fixing pins supplied. Including a hose guide for your high-pressure sewer hose that will prevent the hose damaging the edge of the man-hole opening, and vice-versa. 

The ROM Protector man-hole opening fall protection is made of super strong fibre-glass reinforced plastic (carrying weight: 200 kg). This makes the grate resistant to almost all chemicals. Thanks to the lightweight construction (10 kg), the ROM protector is easy to carry.

Advantages of the ROM protector

 Prevents users, bystanders, tools and materials from falling into the opening
 Maximum safety in accordance with legislation
 Fits almost any man-hole cover
 User can focus on the work without any other worries

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rom protector

Completely cover an open man-hole opening and minimise danger

ROM Protector

Grate stays firmly in place thanks to 4 fixing pins

rom protector

Easy insertion of high-pressure hose or mobile camera systems thanks to the hose guide system

rom protector

Work quickly while protecting the high-pressure hose against wear caused by the edge of the man-hole opening at the same time