Various celebratory offers for the toilet servicing specialist

ROM 40th Anniversary promotions Toilet Service

rom 40th anniversary acties toiletservice

ROM has been around for 40 years. To celebrate this, ROM is offering attractive celebratory discounts on toilet service machines, free options, accessories and much more. Contact us directly and take advantage of our temporary anniversary promotions on toilet service equipment.

attractive anniversary discount on toilet service machines

Would you like to find out more?

Would you like to find out more about our celebratory promotions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Toilet service pick-up units anniversary promotions

It’s our 40th anniversary, and we have attractive promotions on the ROM toilet service machines. Are you curious about what we have for you for our pick-up units? Please contact us. We can tell you all about it.

anniversary acties toiletservice pick up units
anniversary acties toiletservice pto units

Toilet service pto units anniversary promotions

We have spectacular offers on our toilet service machines with PTO drive*. And because it’s our birthday, we’ll pay. You can contact us direct for your personal offer.

*With PTO, the ROM machine is driven by the vehicle engine.

Toilet service accessories anniversary promotions

What can a toilet service specialist do without his tools. Nothing, right? So we thought about coming up with great offers to celebrate our 40th anniversary. How about a HI-VAC hose promotion, a discount on spray lances and guns, and much more? We are happy to go through our offers with you, so please contact us directly.

anniversary acties toiletservice accessoires
anniversary acties toiletservice onderdelen

Toilet service parts anniversary promotions

Although the parts in your toilet service machine will last a long time, it is inevitable that something will have to be replaced occasionally, due to wear for example. So it’s great that you can easily contact our special parts webshop: for this. And as a celebratory extra, we have attractive offers for various products due to our anniversary. Request a quote for the required parts directly.

ms m3995

Would you like to find out more?

Do you have any questions about our spectacular anniversary promotions, or would you like to receive a non-binding quote? Do not hesitate to contact our experts.