More than 11,459 professionals rely on ROM sewer jetters every day

Sewer jetters

ROM sewer jetters are used daily to the satisfaction of tens of thousands of users worldwide. We offer a wide choice of sewer jetters. ROM sewer jetters are easy to use and have great ergonomics which make work comfortable and healthy (optimum working heights, correct positioning of controls, etc.). Working with ROM sewer jetters increases employee productivity and reduces the risk of injury and illness. Lower cost and less fuss for the employer.

Our sewer jetters are ideal for unblocking and cleaning house connections and the main sewer system(Ø600mm). Smaller pipes, such as unblocking and cleaning rainwater drains (Ø70mm), are also possible. In addition, the ROM sewer jetters are suitable for facade / surface cleaning, drainage cleaning, removing light graffiti and oil spillage control.

With a ROM sewer jetter you profit from faster processing times; which means more jobs in a day. And more cleaning per day means more profit. A ROM sewer jetter is a smart investment for both the initial purchase and during the life cycle (purchase price, consumption, training and education costs, maintenance, depreciation, residual value, etc.)

ROM sewer jetters have low weight which ensures increased water capacity, more payload, fuel saving etc. The compact design ensures maximum load capacity and more storage space. ROM sewer jetters have a long service life (with features such as a galvanised tank and frame). ROM sewer jetters are made in our own factory using only premium, A-brand components for maximum reliability & maintainability. ROM sewer jetters have various safety devices and features (CE mark), are safe to drive thanks to optimal weight distribution and have a beautiful design which is an advertisement for your company.

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