ROM TYPE 2 Pick-Up

Pick-Up toilet service unit

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  • 600-litre or 800-litre vacuum tank | 200-litre clean water tank
  • Honda petrol engine | ≥ 20 cabins per day
  • Total vehicle mass ≤ 3,500 kg (Driving license B)

The TYPE 2 is the smallest unit in the ROM range. Small, but powerful! This machine has been specially developed for emptying and cleaning toilet cabins, quickly and easily. Because it is small and lightweight, it can be placed on a flat bed or on a trailer. It even fits in the body of a pick-up truck. It is no coincidence that it has been a bestseller in our range for years.

Available in two versions
The TYPE 2 is available in two versions: the TYPE 2 600/200 and the TYPE 2 800/200. Both versions have a 200-litre clean water tank. The TYPE 2 600/200 has a 600-litre waste water tank. The 800/200 version has a higher capacity of 800 litres.  

Long service life
The vacuum tank is fully galvanised, both inside and outside. The same applies to the vibration-damping subframe. Rust formation is prevented and ensures a long service life.  

Smart investment
This unit is competitively priced and suitable for mounting on a pick-up truck, flat bed or chassis, which only requires a modest investment. Thanks to the low net weight (from 360 kg) you have maximum load capacity. You can take more clean and dirty water with you.

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  • Emptying and cleaning toilet cabins about 20 to 25 toilet cabins per day
  • On light vehicles, trailers or pick-up trucks (≤ 3500 kg.) /Driving License “B”
  • Version 1: 600-litre vacuum tank (hot-dip galvanised) | 200-litre clean water tank (PE)
  • Version 2: 800-litre vacuum tank (hot-dip galvanised) | 200-litre clean water tank (PE)
  • Vacuum tank completely hot dip galvanised, both inside and out. All frame parts and forklift tubes fully hot-dip galvanised
  • Drive: Petrol engine Honda 6.6 kW, 9 hp manual and electric starter, incl. charging circuit
  • Vacuum pump RV2500 with an air displacement of 2,500 l/min.
  • With automatic lubrication
  • Pre-set pressure: 0.65 bar
  • Mounted on anti-vibration subframe
  • Combined oil separator/silencer
  • Unladen weight: approx. 360 kg/380 kg
  • Driving License B
  • Total vehicle mass: ≤ 3,500 kg
  • Number of cabins to be cleaned (per day): ≥ 20 cabins

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Performance figures
  • Version 1: Capacity of vacuum tank: 600 litres | Water tank capacity: 200 litres (PE, in basalt grey)
  • Version 2: Capacity of vacuum tank: 800 litres | Water tank capacity: 200 litres (PE, in basalt grey)

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Standard equipped with

  • Handy storage system for the Hi-Vac suction hose
  • Robust 9.1 m Hi-Vac toilets suction hose with 2” suction pipe and ball valve, including suspension system and suction pipe holder
  • 0.5 m ¾” (ND20) drain hose with Geka coupling
  • All safety measures required, such as an emergency stop, over pressure and under pressure safety valves
  • Double ball safety valve to automatically close the vacuum tank as soon as it is full. Protects vacuum pump and prevents contamination of vacuum system and associated costs for maintenance and repair
  • Moisture separator with second ball safety valve; extra protection of vacuum pump against contamination
  • Combined oil separator/silencer; removes oil in an environmentally-friendly way and reduces sound volume for a more pleasant working environment
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge which makes it easy to read the vacuum in the vacuum tank
  • Level gauge for vacuum tank


  • Simple and quick emptying of cabins thanks to the world's most robust and flexible Hi-Vac suction hose

  • Fitted with a number of conveniences to be able to work as efficiently as possible, such as an electric start engine and hooks to hang the HI-VAC suction hose

  • Drain to unload waste water from the waste water tank easily

  • Level indicator on tank

  • Combined oil separator / silencer

  • Reliable air-cooled Honda petrol engine

  • Powerful vacuum pump with an air flow of max. 2.500 litres per minute; sprayed in silver metallic anti-corrosion paint with automatic lubrication

  • Frame, vacuum tank and forklift tubes hot-dip galvanised both inside and out

  • Sub frame on anti-vibration mounts for smooth running of motor-/pump combination

  • Several safety measures

  • Easy lifting because of two forklift tubes

  • Standard very complete and large number of options and accessories available

  • CE mark

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