ROM SmartCombi

Combined high-pressure/vacuum unit

rioolcombi rom smartcombi
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  • 1,500 litres of dirty/clean water | Insertion range max. Ø600 mm
  • Industrial water-cooled Kubota diesel engine
  • For vehicles, trailer or flat bed truck between 3.5 to 4.6 tonnes of weight | From driver's license B

The ROM SmartCombi has been specially designed for suction and spraying activities, such as unblocking/cleaning domestic connections and municipal sewers up to Ø600 mm and emptying grease traps and flooded basements.

The combined high-pressure and vacuum pick-up unit can easily be mounted on a chassis (from 3.5 tonnes), a tandem trailer or on a flat bed truck. The durable design is very compact and manoeuvrable, and therefore extremely suitable for use in busy city centres and parking garages. The unit is very compact and lightweight, allowing you to drive the vehicle with driving license B (depending on the total weight of the vehicle and load). .

Various specifications
The SmartCombi is equipped with an efficient low-noise Kubota diesel engine and a Speck high-pressure pump. The vacuum system can be equipped with a unique thrust jetter or vacuum pump with a maximum cleaning pressure of 140 bar and a maximum water capacity of 60 l/min. You can choose from various tank capacities for clean/dirty water (total of 1500 litres).

Cost saving
The SmartCombi is very competitively priced and suitable for mounting on a tandem axle trailer, flat bed truck or lightweight chassis, which makes it a very modest investment. In addition, the compact and lightweight combination provides you with considerable fuel savings every day.


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  • Unblocking/cleaning of domestic connections and sewers up to Ø600 mm
  • Façade, surface and drainage cleaning and removal of light graffiti
  • Vacuuming flooded basements and grease traps
  • Emptying grease traps, cesspits, etc.
  • Septic tank cleaning, pit cleaning, etc.
  • Emergency response in the event of serious flooding or pollution of surface water
  • Tank: 1500-litre dirty/clean water tank
  • Insertion range: up to max. Ø600 mm
  • High-pressure pump: Speck | 140 bar/60 lpm 
  • Vacuum system: via advanced thrust jetter or conventional vacuum pump
  • Free air displacement up to max. 6,500 l/min | Max vacuum -0.85 bar | Vacuum pump: 3,600 l/min | Thrust jetter: 4,200 l/min
  • Drive: 18.5 kW/25 hp KUBOTA D1105 Diesel 
  • Motor and pump protection: lockable design housing (option)
  • Storage space: Lockable tool storage cupboard (option)
  • High-pressure reel: Manual operation (optional hydraulic)
  • High-pressure hose: 80 m. ½” (ND13)
  • Filling hose reel: Optional incl. 50 m. 3/4” water hose (ND 20)
  • Filling connection: 66 mm Storz coupling
  • Suction hose reel: Optional
  • Suction hose: 3” (ND80) x 2.4 m (2 x)
  • Options: remote control, spotlight, flashing light and more

Would you like more information about the technical specifications?
Would you like more information about the technical specifications? ​or call our experts on; +31 (0)342 49 04 17

Performance figures


  • 140 bar / 60 lpm | Thrust jetter, 4,200 l/min | 18.5 kW / 25 hp KUBOTA D1105  EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4 Diesel
  • 140 bar / 60 lpm | Vacuum pump, 3,600 l/min | 18.5 kW / 25 hp KUBOTA D1105  EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4 Diesel

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Safety information

  • Large 1500-litre dirty/clean water tank (hot-dip galvanised)
  • Economical low-noise Kubota diesel engine
  • Electronic start-up system
  • Hand-operated high-pressure reel
  • High-pressure hose: 80 m. 1/2” (ND13)
  • Vacuum hose 3” (ND80) x 2.4 m (2 x)
  • Running-dry protection
  • Water filter with flushing element and auto-stop
  • Spray nozzles
  • Filling connection with 66 mm Storz coupling
  • Drainage connection 1” with tap
  • Aeration (also overflow) via 2” hose (2 pieces)
  • Level indication
  • Tilting system
  • Double ball valve as oversuction protection
  • Pressure gauge -1/+3 bar
  • Suction connection 3” (ND 75)
  • Drainage connection 3” (ND75)


  • For twin axle trailer, open body truck or a chassis from 3,5 ton such as Mitsubishi Fuso Canter, Isuzu N35 /N50, Toyota Dyna, Mercedes Sprinter and Iveco Daily

  • Lightweight; from 800 kg

  • Compact and manoeuvrable

  • Regular driving licence is possible

  • Lowering vehicle for parking garages (option)

  • Slanted bottom; fast unloading and cleaning of tank

  • User friendly control panel & control cabinet

  • Integrated (fork lift) tubes to store hoses

  • Fast switching between suction (thrust jetter) and jetting (high pressure reel) via remote control

Support from our ROM specialist

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