ROM FLEXI 1000/400 Pick-Up

Pick-Up toilet service unit

toiletservice unit rom flexi 1000 400 legen mobiele toiletten
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  • 1,000-litre vacuum tank | 400-litre clean water tank
  • Honda petrol engine | ≥ 25 cabins per day
  • Total vehicle mass ≤ 3,500 kg (Driving license B)

Lightweight and compact, without compromising quality. Add the attractive price and the choice is easily made. With high quality and functionality, the FLEXI 1000/400 combines the durability, ease of use and reliability that the toilet service specialist needs. All this to comfortably empty and clean more cabins per day. Cleaning more cabins means more profit earned.

Suitable for 3½ tonne vehicles
The surface-mounted installation is equipped with a reliable Honda gasoline engine and is suitable for mounting on 3½ tonne vehicles. A special driver’s license is therefore not required.

Maximum capacity and space
The compact dimensions and low weight (from just 380 kg) offer the possibility of carrying a lot of loads (toilet cabins, clean and dirty water).

Separate tank systems
The unit has a 1000-litre vacuum tank and a 400-litre clean water tank. The tanks are completely separated so that no faeces, condensation and oil end up in the clean water.

Motor-pump combination protection
The motor-pump combination is integrated in the unit as standard. With the optional cover, the unit is optimally protected against all weather conditions. The cover also offers a nice place for advertisements.

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  • Emptying and cleaning toilet cabins about 25 to 30 toilet cabins per day
  • Mounting on ≤ 3½ tonne vehicles/“B” driving license>/li>
  • Tank capacity: 1,000-litre vacuum tank (hot-dip galvanised) | 400-litre clean water tank (PE, basalt grey)
  • Vacuum tank completely hot dip galvanised, both inside and out. All frame parts and forklift tubes fully hot-dip galvanised
  • Drive: Petrol engine Honda 6.6 kW, 9 hp manual and electric starter, incl. charging circuit
  • Vacuum pump RV2500 with an air displacement of 2500 l/min.
  • With automatic lubrication
  • Pre-set pressure: 0.65 bar
  • Mounted on anti-vibration subframe
  • Combined oil separator/silencer
  • Weight capacity: approximately 380kg
  • Driving licence: B
  • Total vehicle mass: ≤ 3,500 kg
  • Number of cabins to be cleaned (per day): ≥ 25 cabins

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Performance figures
  • 1,000-litre vacuum tank (hot-dip galvanised) | 400-litre clean water tank (PE) | Vacuum pump 2.500-litre/min

Would you like more information about these versions?  
Request the catalogue or call our experts on:+31 (0)342 49 04 17

Standard equipped with

  • Drain hose (ND 75 x 2.4m)
  • Longer suction hose, 15.2m instead of 9.1m
  • HP cleaning installation 100 bar - 15 l/min: HP pump, incl. spraygun with double lance, 20m 3/8’’ hose, stainless steel / ABS reel and Honda GX 390 gasoline engine, 9.6 kW/13hp with electric start (replaces std. engine) (Note: excl. mounting HP reel)
  • Console, mounted onto the machine, to which the optional high pressure reel is connected
  • Integrated cover for optimal protection of the components of your machine (anodized aluminum gray)
  • Drain valve oil separator for draining used oil
  • Drain valve moisture separator
  • Additional oil reservoir for RV2500 vacuum pump
  • Level indicator fresh water tank


  • The frame and the vacuum tank have been entirely hot-dip galvanised for better performance and longer lifespan

  • Very accessible purchase price

  • Engine-pump combination integrated in unit (optionally with protective cover)

  • Vacuum pump with an air displacement of max. 2.500 litres per minute, sprayed in metallic silver anit-corrosion paint with automatic oil lubrication

  • Sub frame on anti-vibration mounts for smooth running of motor-/pump combination

  • Clever storage system for Hi-Vac suction hose

  • Plenty of space in the unit for commercial messages

  • Two forklift tubes which make it a simple matter to lift and move the unit

  • Standardly equipped with several safety features, a double safety valve, moisture separator with second ball valve, combined oil separator/silencer, pressure gauge and level indicator e.g.

  • Several other options possible

  • CE mark

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