ROM e-Cube

Electric sewer jetter

  • Operating range up to Ø400mm
  • High efficiency electric motor
  • Fits easily into light and medium-sized commercial vehicles

Small in size, big in performance

Meet the 100% electric ROM e-Cube! This silent and compact sewer cleaner meets its advanced technology of the new generation in the world of sewer cleaning.


Emission-free, more quiet, powerful and also reliable. With the ROM e-Cube, you enjoy a full range of benefits and extras, so that you work professionally and comfortably. Because the ROM e-Cube is 100% electric, you won't have any issues with harmful emissions and you will contribute to the environment. This small powerhouse delivers a maximum cleaning pressure of 200 bar and a water capacity of up to 60 l/min.


Emission-free zones remain accessible

When you invest in a new sewer cleaning machine, you naturally want it to last as long as possible and to be suitable for as many jobs as possible. Emission-free zones in cities, indoor halls and tunnels, with the e-Cube you can count them all in your working area. This will work to your advantage as cities are accelerating to establish zero-emission zones.


Low costs, maximum profit

The ROM e-Cube is cheaper to use than machines that run on petrol or diesel. This is because electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels. The ROM e-Cube is therefore the right solution for now and the future! Due to its small, compact design and lightweight, the ROM e-Cube fits into light delivery vans. This saves you money on the purchase price of the vehicle.


No harmful emissions; sustainable for people and the environment

The environment is becoming increasingly important and is in the news more often. Everyone is looking for a way to treat the earth in the best possible way. Sustainable entrepreneurship plays a more important role in this. The ROM e-Cube does not emit any harmful substances, which is better for the environment and the health of the user. The ROM e-Cube is much quieter in operation than machines that run on petrol or diesel, making it suitable for working in residential areas and other areas where noise pollution can be a problem!


In addition to all these advantages, the ROM e-Cube is standardly rich equipped with, among other things, a professional ROM control panel, speed control on the machine, professional remote with 8 buttons, electrically driven high-pressure reel, 80 m sewer hose, nozzle rack, manually operated water filling hose reel and much more!

The machine is painted in your company colour. Which makes it not only a business card for your company, but also a feast for the eyes!


In short, the electric ROM e-Cube offers several advantages over traditional machines, making it a good choice for those looking for a sustainable, efficient and long-lasting solution for cleaning and unblocking sewerage systems.


Be ahead of the competition and distinguish yourself in the market. For now and the future! Knowing more? Contact us directly; | +31 (0)342 49 04 17

  • Unblocking and cleaning (sewer) pipes up to max Ø400mm. 
  • Façade, surface and drainage cleaning and removal of light graffiti
  • Operating range: max. Ø400 mm
  • Battery pack: 11.5 kWh
  • Engine: high efficiency electric motor
  • High-pressure pump: Speck | 150 bar - 50 lpm | 140 bar - 60 lpm |  200 bar - 40 lpm
  • High-pressure hose: 80m. 1/2” (ND13)
  • High-pressure reel: electrically operated
  • High-pressure protection: Dry running protection
  • Filling hose reel: 50m. 3/4'' water hose ND20
  • Pressure regulator: continuously adjustable
  • Water tank: 400 litre
  • Operation: ROM control system or iROM control system
  • Remote control: Professional-Remote 8 buttons
  • Weight: ca. 450 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1155 x 960 x 1155 mm
  • Spray nozzles: spray nozzle 33 fore with rear drive and spray nozzle 36 rear
  • Color: orange cover, grey metal frame

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Performance figures
  • 150 bar / 50 lpm | Comfort
  • 140 bar / 60 lpm | Comfort
  • 200 bar / 40 lpm | Comfort

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Standard equipped with

  • Powerful and high efficiency electric motor
  • Large 400-litre watertank
  • Electrically-driven high-pressure reel
  • Filling hose reel with 50 m. 3/4” water hose
  • High-pressure hose: 80m. 1/2” (ND13)
  • Dry running protection for the high-pressure pump
  • Digital hour and rev counter
  • Antifreeze suction Injector
  • Nozzle storage rack
  • Installation kit
  • ROM Operating System
  • Professional-Remote control unit, 8 buttons including feedback
  • High-pressure reel unwind control on remote
  • High-pressure hose wind up onto high-pressure reel via remote control unit - up to the safe distance of 5 metres from the machine
  • Spray nozzles
  • Various accessories, such as an continuously adjustable pressure regulator, pressure gauge and water filter with automatic water stop and washable element

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