high-pressure sewer cleaner

ridgid kj2200 hogedruk rioolreiniger
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  • Insertion range from Ø32 to Ø150 mm
  • Powerful 4.7 kW/6.5 hp petrol engine
  • Capacity: 9 l/min & Max. workload: 150 bar

RIDGID KJ2200 C petrol high-pressure sewer cleaner for cleaning and unblocking drain pipes from 32 to 150 mm. This high-pressure cleaner pushes an extremely flexible hose through pipes between 32 to 150 mm and resolves blockages of mud, soap and grease. When the hose is withdrawn, the pipe is cleaned under high pressure and the residue flushed so the drain pipes flow again.

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  • Unblocking and cleaning (sewer) pipes up to max. Ø150 mm
  • Sink/floor/secondary/side drain pipes (including grease, mud or soap residue)
  • Powerful 4.7 kW/6.5 hp petrol engine with starter cord; 4-stroke engine
  • 61 m 3/8” high-pressure hose
  • Three-piston pump with stainless brass head
  • Pulsating system for easily passing through sharp bends and siphons/odour traps to travel further along the pipeline
  • Sturdy steel reel

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Performance figures
  • 150 bar/9 litres per minute | petrol engine

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Standard equipped with

  • 1⁄8” and 1⁄4” self-propelling and penetrating spray nozzles
  • Grenade spray head
  • 3⁄16” hose for siphon/odour trap
  • FV-1 foot pedal for pressure control
  • Hose with spray lance 1/2”
  • H-30 mobile frame
  • 1/4” spray hose


  • For lines up to 150mm (6")

  • Flow: 9 l/min

  • Max pressure: 150 bar

  • 5.5 HP Engine, 4 stroke

  • Heavy duty steel reel with 33 mm of ¼" hose (KJ-2200-C) (¼" connection)

  • Corrosion resistant forged brass pump head

  • Incl. clamp for easy removal of jetter from the cart

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