ROM introduces the new ROM EcoFit sewer cleaning machine – built for the toughest work

19 August 2018
rom ecofit hogedruk rioolreinigingsinbouwunit

The new ROM EcoFit sewer cleaning machine – built for the toughest work. Maximum power, versatility and optimal comfort. The revolutionary ROM EcoFit is built to carry out the toughest work.

If you choose our “Beast”, you will benefit from the latest sewer cleaning technologies every day. A 270° rotating high-pressure reel, iROM controller, and the unique “ROM 3-reel system” results in a superior machine that allows you to deal with any blockage. With a cleaning pressure up to 250 bar, and a water capacity up to max. 130 l/min, the EcoFit is suitable for unblocking and cleaning domestic sewage connections and main sewer systems up to Ø600 mm.

Take advantage of the benefits mechanical Power Take-Off: Choose to use the drive from the vehicle engine

The ROM EcoFit PTO is also available in a special version for maximum versatility of use. The well-equipped “All-Terrain edition” is a real all-rounder and makes light work of the toughest jobs. The all-round machine is equipped with two powerful high-pressure pumps and a hot water unit for maximum freedom of choice.

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