ROM Compact PRO and EcoNomic Anniversary Limited Edition

08 June 2020
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40 years birthday celebration

Since the founding of ROM in 1980 of last century, many successful years have passed, and many successful machines and models have seen the day of light. This 40 years of existence of the company, together with the fact that we want to celebrate our current success numbers, has resulted in 2 very special editions of 2 of our skid mounted sewer jetter van packs.

Celebrating the ROM success story

We have made some very interesting limited editions of two of our international sewer jetting ‘hits’! These limited editions, offer, of course, very useful benefits for high value for money. Next to that, they will have a unique celebration serial number, celebration signing, and, together with two of our partners, we added a ROM - ENZ nozzle case and a uniquely orange coloured ROM - Speck high pressure pump. In other words, with a ROM sewer cleaner machine out of the limited edition series, you will have a one a kind, state of the art product!

When can I work with it, is it for sale?

Since these sewer jetters have a standardised list of specifications, we as ROM have the possibility to produce for stock, this implies that we can have very short delivery times, in some cases even directly delivered from the shelve. Of course, we hope, and expect that these sewer cleaners, that we have for sale, will find their way to another happy customer as soon as  possible after coming out of production, so sometimes  a short lead time can occur when demand is high.

We are proud

As we as a company already exist for 40 years we are very happy to be able to celebrate this together with you as our important relation, as we see our mutual success is achieved by working all together. So indeed we are proud of you working with a ROM sewer jetter, and hope you will share your experience with your ROM machine with us. You can send us your photo with you and your sewer cleaner on it, and please feel free to be creative, so we can share this with other users and future customers.


Very important to know is that the 40th Anniversary Limited Editions are produced with the well-known Kubota diesel engines, famous for their excellent reputation in combination with the ROM high pressure units. The specific type of engines are only limitedly available, and of course, as of from next year, we will no longer exist 40 but 41 years. Therefor this very interesting investment is only available in limited edition, so if you are enthusiastic on our offer and want to celebrate with us, do not wait too long to purchase your own unit, before the offer is over. Of course those who are first, have the best chance of becoming the happy owner of this unique machine!

More information

Find out more about the ROM Compact PRO and Economic Limited Edition >

And if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at +31 342 490417 or send us an e-mail at

We are happy to answer any of your questions you may have about the ROM sewer water jetters we have for sale, from stock.


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