New 270º rotating suction arm for sewer combination

20 August 2018
rioolcombi rom smartcombi pro draaibare arm

Clean faster and more effectively. Even in the smallest of streets.

The ROM SmartCombi PRO can now be equipped with a 270º rotating suction arm, so now there are no spaces that cannot be reached with your combiwagon. The suction arm has a range of 8 metres all around with a rotation capacity of 270 degrees. This means you can easily reach and empty any drain.

Advantages of the ROM suction arm:

  • Easy operation
  • Automatic folding
  • Incl. 4” hose and 3” aluminium suction pipe
  • Swings and lifts are hydraulically controlled
  • Operation via a joystick on the suction pipe
  • Mounted on the vacuum tank
  • The suction pipe is stored in a folded position on the tool tray

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