Introduction ROM VAC 1750 ADR/SIR vacuum truck for vacuuming (hazardous) liquid substances

28 May 2019
vacuumwagen rom vac adr sir gevaarlijke stoffen opzuigen

ROM introduces a unique ADR/SIR vacuum truck for sucking, compressing and transporting fluid and hazardous substances, such as liquids, sludge, fats, oils, fuels and chemicals. Interest in this well-thought out vacuum truck is very high in the Dutch and Belgian markets. The first ADR vacuum trucks have already been delivered. For example, we recently delivered a machine to our Dutch customer Europoort Industrie Diensten BV. This vehicle has been manufactured in compliance with all applicable ADR and SIR safety standards. This SIR and ADR approved truck is designed for domestic and industrial applications, and this one will be used at refineries and tank terminals. Another Belgian customer is currently using the ROM VAC ADR vacuum truck for emptying Mazzout tanks, and they are more than satisfied.


What is so unique about this ROM VAC ADR/SIR vacuum truck?

The ROM vacuum truck is very compact and manoeuvrable. In contrast to larger trucks, this machine is ideal for places that are difficult to reach, such as tight driveways and oil cleaning facilities Another important advantage is the considerable saving on transport, cleaning and labour costs. The compact machine is suitable for mounting on a “lightweight” chassis so only a modest investment is required. In addition, the compact and lightweight combination provides you with considerable fuel savings every day. And last but not least, the machine is extremely suitable for smaller (emergency) jobs. Cleaning a compact vacuum tank takes less time than with larger ADR vehicles. In addition to saving time, you also produce less cleaning waste that you will have to pay for when unloading. 

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