Kits containing all necessary parts for preventive maintenance

ROM Maintenance kits

rom maintenance kits

Protect your investment

You have made a good investment in buying a ROM machine. ROM now offers you a way of protecting your investment by purchasing a ROM Maintenance Kit for your unit. These kits contain all the necessary parts for periodical maintenance. This way, you can prevent malfunctioning of your machine. Ask your local dealer for the maintenance kit, specifically for the configuration of your machine, or contact ROM.

rom protect your investment
rom why should you buy a rom maintenance kit

Why should you buy a ROM Maintenance kit?

Kits containing all necessary parts for preventive maintenance.
Developed for specific configurations of each ROM machine.
 All parts for periodic maintenance in one package (filters, oils and inspection list)

Tip: order with the purchase of a new machine and save shipping costs

Want to order?

Always mention the serial number of the machine when your order a maintenance kit

  • High quality engine oil and HP pump oil comes in easy 1 or 5 liter cans.
  • Vacuum set contains vanes and all necessary sealings.
  • HP valve(s) for electric or hydraulic pressure/bypass control. If not included in the kit, but you do own a machine older than 2010 with remote control, ROM advises to order the HP valves additionally.
  • ROM advises to perform maintenance periodically. Meaning when the service interval hours are mentioned, or yearly (depending on which comes first).
  • Indication of hours needed to perform the maintenance including testruns according to ROM guidelines (without extra repairs).
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